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Thursday, December 27, 2012


As I grow older and have more and more years of various experiences under my belt, I'm realizing that one of the most difficult things we as humans have to do is live in harmony with one another. It's not easy! We're all completely unique and different due to genetics, upbringing and all those things that happen in life called experiences. Being so very different, there's no way that we're all going to have the same opinions, values or morals. It can be hard to get along! In my life, I've been hurt many times and in return, I've probably caused pain and hurt to others. This past year has been a crazy one and I've had quite a few disagreements with various individuals. It's part of human nature yet sometimes it's very hard to let go of those hurts.

This blog post comes from a very real place that I have recently experienced, a place of real, true forgiveness. I was sitting at a bar with my boyfriend drinking a few pints. Out of nowhere, I felt the urge to reach out to a few friends that I have had differences and grown apart from over the past year. I expressed my love, my willingness to forgive and move on. I wasn't thinking about the response I would get from them. Rather, I was thinking about how reaching out to them made me feel. I felt so relieved, so empowered and so happy in that moment. I was somehow, and I'm still not sure how, hit with the knowledge that yes, we're all very different, but at the same time we are at the same. We're all human beings and we all do make mistakes. We hurt one another either intentionally or unintentionally, but holding onto those hurts only suppresses our ability to thrive and reach our own personal potentials. They bog us down. Letting go of the anger, bitterness and pain that has built up over a span of 26 years has freed me from the chains that were binding me. It's time for me to put that energy somewhere else, perhaps into spreading love, kindness, and letting my own light shine.

I've always been a fan of Wayne Dyer, a spiritual teacher of sorts, and I found a video of him speaking about the topic of forgiveness. I've shared it here with you because he explains the act of forgiveness in such a beautiful way. I have always looked up to him and aspired to reach his level of awareness and ability to love. Having reached a point where I've felt what it's like to forgive and to love the human race as a whole, I feel like I'm finally getting there.

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