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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oakley Women Summit at Snowbird Resort!

This past weekend I was a part of the Oakley Women Ambassador Summit at Snowbird Resort in Salt Lake City! 30 Oakley Ambassadors were invited to ski, snowboard, learn more about the Oakley brand and get to know eachother. I had no idea how amazing and inspiring the experience would be and am so grateful to have been a part of it!

The first day we all flew in and settling into our hotel rooms. I have been to one Ambassador Summit prior so I only knew the girls briefly. I was looking forward to getting to know them all better this time. I had three beautiful roommates: Carly Swanson, Brittany Da Costa and AJ Govoni. Click on their names to learn more about them. 

We all hung out at the hot tub and chatted about our lives as we waited for the welcome dinner. The resort was so beautiful and I was ecstatic to be in the snowy mountains again! I live in Moab which has snowy mountains but there aren't any ski resorts. I grew up skiing and snowboarding in New Hampshire and it was such a blast from the past being there and experiencing the resort life. I miss it! I am inspired to get back out there. 

The second day was spent on the mountain, trying out all of our new Oakley Women snow gear! We were all given our own stuff (jackets, pants, socks, base layers, gloves, goggles, etc) to wear that day and try out! When I was a kid I was usually the dorky girl on the mountain with the lame/mis-matching outfit but I felt so stylish out there this time! All the gear is TOP quality and made for experiencing the snow, staying warm and being comfortable. I am so impressed! A lot of companies focus on only style and fashion, but Oakley is committed to providing top quality equipment and takes it very seriously. 

Christine Donaldson and I! Christine is a phenomenal skiier and musician.

Me with Suz Graham and Christine Donaldson

So happy!!!

I was  thrilled to be flying down the mountain again and challenging myself on the board. I have always been an athlete and I LOVE trying/participating in new things. I took a little GoPro video of me in all my gear on the mountain (below).

After our day on the mountain we spent a day learning more about both the brand Oakley Women and the Ambassadors. I am so blessed to be a part of this inspiring and supportive community of women. I never imagined I would be so lucky! The most memorable part of the trip, besides being on the mountain, was a "get to know you" exercise we did the second night. We all took turns introducing ourselves to the entire group but telling our own unique story. Every woman that stood up there had their own individual struggles, challenges, successes and goals throughout their lives. I was so inspired by every single one of them that I will never, ever forget it. I feel so empowered and have realized what I am most passionate about. It's not JUST highlining. I know that I am a very strong woman but I am an advocate for empowering other women to become the strong women they can truly be. I truly believe that my constant participation in sports throughout my life has given me the self confidence I have today....KEEP PUSHING, LADIES!!

All the Oakley Women Ambassadors!