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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Going Facebook Free

Today is my first day Facebook Free and I can't tell you how excited I am to be doing this. Facebook has been such a big part of my life as I'm sure it has for many people in today's world. As fun as it can be seeing what everyone and their mother is doing on a minute by minute basis, I was really starting to notice how it was negatively affecting me and the overall quality of my life. I was so consumed with what I was posting on Facebook and what other people were posting on Facebook rather than being consumed with what was actually going on in my daily life. Somehow I was able to take a step out of it and look at it from an outside perspective: my life had become more virtual than it was real! Today being the first day, it's a bit funny, but I was actually thinking out of habit that I wanted to make a post on Facebook what it was like not being on Facebook. This made me laugh. This is the exact reason that I am going to "detox". I don't want my automatic response to any event to be posting about it. Rather, I want my response to be pure enjoyment and sharing it with those that are around me. Being the first day I can see that this is going to be a challenge but I'm ready! I'm so ready for this change and am beyond excited to see how it affects me and my overall happiness.

I am looking forward to continuing this blog and now that I will be Facebook Free I will feel more compelled to actually write. I have always loved writing but neglected it over the past few years. It really allows me to process my feelings and what I'm going through rather than bottling them up. That being said I will continue to write about my struggles, my experiences and everything in between. Time to enjoy the day!